Sarah Vozlinsky is a photographer, director and visual artist (b. 1989 in Paris, Swiss & French), currently living in Marseille, and regularly in Ardèche and Paris.

In her work, she explores our human conditioning: social norms, power dynamics between individuality and community, our human responsibility, consciousness and freewill.

Early on, she studied social and political sciences and graduated from Sciences Po with a Master’s degree in International Relations specialized in Sustainable Development. For more than 8 years, Sarah has held management positions for international non-for-profit and non-governmental organizations in development and humanitarian contexts – Mauritania, Mali, Chad, Peru, Laos, North Korea (DPRK) – and conducted short missions in around 15 other countries. She also carries photo-video projects for human rights advocacy and awareness raising purposes.

Sharing and collaborating is omnipresent in her approach. She sees photography as a way to connect with people from various universes, exploring different ways of perceiving the world that continuously deconstructing her own conditioning. She gives photography and videography a central place as a subjective capture from reality to explore how our perception of “realness” is a construct with invisible strata.

She uses different social and geopolitical contexts – mainly France, North Korea, Chad & Iran – as catalysts for a broader reflection on contemporary socio-political conditioning and its consequences.

Her work has been exhibited and screened in France (solo shows in Marseille and La Garde), Morrocco (nominated, Nuits Photographiques d’Essaouira), Cuba, Laos and Chad.

Sarah Vozlinsky is a member of Hans Lucas Agency.

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